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Using the Help Desk Portal is optional.

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  • The Login is very small, a direct link is Create Login Account.
  • A Login Account is automatically created when you submit your first Message.
  • However we are not sending these details automatically.
  • So you will need to do a Password Reset before you can login.
  • Gmail users can log in using your Gmail account.
  • Login Accounts from our old Help Desk do NOT work with this new one

Note that you cannot use this email to directly to open a NEW Ticket


We do not currently use or support the Web App you will see promoted in Mobile Devices.

What is a Ticket?

A Ticket is just a NAME for the Contact you make with us that is tracked and recorded in the system.

They are not overly clear but if you want to find them you will.

Lost Password

The Lost Password (Direct Link) link is small so we put it here.

An email is sent to you. You click on that which takes you to the website and you enter in a new password.

Requirement is lower case and numbers - 8 characters minimum (combined).

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